Every day is different at Local Food Feasts. Whether an intimate dinner, outdoor wedding, cooking class, backyard barbeque or a wine and food workshop; food is the catalyst that connects family and friends inspiring celebration.

Local Food Feasts catered events provide the foundation to share and reinforce our relationship with our artisan suppliers, friends and local producers as well as making the most of our seasonally grown produce from our own farm. With these unique relationships we can embrace and share the process that brings the best in local and seasonal food directly to your gathering.

Our desire is to plan a creative menu of uncompromising quality that is suited to the environment of an event and to tailor the service to compliment the overall experience that you want for your friends and guests.

Local Food Feasts provide unique and vibrant menus that source and feature the best in local food. We look forward to planning and providing this experience for you and your friends at your next event.